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Sorry, no fancy web shop, here. Please print this page and use it as a catalog and order form.


Support your favorite theatre company in Dodge County, Minnesota, and have a little fun at the same time!

You can send your order (checks only, please) to:

... Mantorville Theatre Company
... PO Box 194
... Mantorville, MN 55955

Please send us an email or leave a phone message (507-635-5420) so we can be sure to look for your order!

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Season Tickets: We currently do not have a season ticket, as it was not popular enough to maintain. Not sure why, so if you want a couple, send us a letter and we will see about reinstating it.

Groups: Have a party! If you have a group of 10 or more, you can get all of the tickets at our Reduced Rate. Groups must use one purchase for all tickets and we encourage payment ahead of the show date so that we can make sure to have sufficient seating available. Groups of eight or more also receive discounted tickets for October Dinner-Theatre shows. See the show page for more details.

Gift Certificates: What could be better than giving live theatre to a friend or loved one? We offer gift cards in any $5 increment, starting at $10. Cards can be used like Theatre debit cards, with the ticket charge reduced from the balance, when you use it. They are also rechargeable! Currently sold at the Mantorville Chocolate Shoppe and the Box Office.

Become a Member: For a miniscule $10, you, too, can be a part of the Mantorville Theatre tradition! In return for your membership, we supply you with a fine membership card, which may be used to purchase tickets (one per member) at the reduced rate price, and which (of course) gives you a vote at our annual meeting. Any contribution beyond the base $10 membership fee is tax-deductible.

More Membership Opportunities: We have several categories of membership. In our future programs, we will list our supporters as

  • Supporting Cast (for a membership fee of $10 or more)
  • Real Characters (for a membership fee of $10 plus a donation of $40 or more)
  • Shining Stars (for a membership fee of $10 plus a donation of $90 or more)
  • Heroes and Heroines (for a membership fee of $10 plus a donation of $490 or more)
  • Honorary (Mantor)Villains (for a membership fee of $10 plus a donation of $990 or more)

And, if you work for an employer that matches donations to non-profit arts and education organizations, WE Qualify!. Please send in your employer's matching grant form along with your membership and donation.

Buy the House! No kidding! We often have groups ask us whether they can have a special performance of one of our plays, just for them. The answer is, "Yes!" We need enough advance notice to make arrangements with the cast and crew, but we often can accommodate our patron's requests. We sell the house on the assumption of 100 discounted tickets - $800 for a summer melodrama; $1300 for a full-length non-musical; and $1700 for a full-length musical.  Have your company picnic in Mantorville; Do an ice cream social; Or just come for the show! (contact us for special arrangements for group prices on our murder mystery dinner theatre.) Note that this arrangement is for events that do not occur on regular show dates. For large purchases at a regular performance, our regular group rates apply.

Rent the Building: Need a place for a group meeting? Want to put on your own show? or bring in a professional musician? The Mantorville Opera House is available for rent at reasonable rates from our kind landlords, the Mantorville Restoration Association. Rates vary depending on your usage, so contact Paul at Memorabilia Antiques (507) 635-5419.

Buy an advertisement: For $300, you can purchase an advertisement that will appear in our programs for the entire season. For $175, you can advertise in our four summer melodramas or our four full-length shows. Contact us at mantorvillain@gmail.com for additional information on full and partial season prices.

Sponsor a part of our season: Be named as the full sponsor of one of our productions! We will recognize you in our programs, paper and audio advertisements, and you will have the satisfaction of keeping our wonderful little theatre going. Sponsorship rates vary based on the cost and popularity of the production. Contact us at mantorvillain@gmail.com for additional information.

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Order Form:

Please send me _______ Gift Certificates in the amount of ________

Please send me _______ Gift Certificates in the amount of ________

Please send me _______ Gift Certificates in the amount of ________ My enclosed check includes the value of these gift certificates.

Please send me _______ memberships in the following names _______________________________,

______________________________________, ______________________________________, and

______________________________________ My enclosed check includes the values of these memberships at the rate of __$10, __$50, __$100, __$500, $__1000 (or more!) each. (If memberships go to a separate address, please provide that, as well)

_______ My employer matches charitable contributions. The necessary form is enclosed.

_______ I'm interested in receiving information on future productions, tryouts, and other activities at the Mantorville Theatre Company.

_______ I'm interested in finding out more about advertising in the MTC's programs.

_______ I'm interested in finding out more about sponsoring one of the MTC's productions.


Name __________________________________________

Address ________________________________________

City/State/Zip _____________________________  _______  _______________

Telephone _________________________ (used only if we cannot fill your order or if you want us to contact you regarding advertising. The Mantorville Theatre Company does not share names and addresses with any other organization.)

email __________________________________ (we do not share email addresses with anyone - not even our peer theatre groups - but if you provide us your email address and you checked one of the "I'm interested..." boxes, above, we'd love to share some information with you!)